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Advice on longevity of vehicle please

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  • Advice on longevity of vehicle please

    Howzit everyone

    I am looking for a little advice please.

    I have a 3.0L (2982cc) Fortuner (1KD-FTV model) which I have owned since new (2013) and it currently has 243,000km on the clock. I have serviced it regularly and changed the oil as close to the recommended intervals as possible; usually on time. Currently I am using Liquid Moly 10W40 and changing every 7000km (approximately). I trust my mechanic and I am pretty sure that good servicing is carried out, however I am in a region where standards of most things can be very poor and so I can’t be 100% that maintenance is spot on. I am mechanically illiterate so wouldn't really know. So far never had any major problems.

    Currently, I am travelling approximately 6,300 km a month, mostly flat top driving at a sensible pace (90-100km/hr); occasionally, I need to do some fast accelerating and driving, and a few times a year, I need to do long distance driving for between 8-16 hrs at high speed (140km+). I do periodically go off road and then it can be pretty extreme terrain, muddy mountain roads through dense forest, river crossing, beaches etc. and occasionally I need to gun it for long distances on rough roads. Generally 2 people in the vehicle but sometimes need to load 7 and equipment. At these times it is absolutely critical that I don’t get stuck; when I mean stuck I mean because the fortuner is not performing for some reason. This has never happened. There have been times that I have been stuck because of the terrain but have managed to sort things with my winch and digging etc. It is mechanical problems that I worry about, not stuck in the mud type stuff.

    Over the next 7 years I need to follow this sort of schedule (about 76000km/year) which will bring the mileage to between 900,000 to a million kms. At that point I probably won’t get much for the fortuner when I sell it but I am not to worried, as far as I am concerned it will have paid for itself. As long as it runs for the next 7 years and does not loose performance, ie. if I need to accelerate quickly and drive fast over distance then it will do that without failing me then I will be happy. Failure on a run would be a disaster.

    I have invested a fair amount in aftermarket accessories and so don’t particularly want to sell it but I am not sure and am considering it as the mileage is creeping up. Assuming that I keep servicing it regularly and properly, should a Fortuner keep performing or should I sell it now, whilst the kms are not really terrible and I might get a reasonable amount for it and then just buy a new 4X4? I am trying to weigh up the cost benefits of selling now and buying new or just pumping the money into the current vehicle for servicing etc.

    Suspension was changed at about 102500km. so done best part of around 13000km on current old man suspension.

    Any thoughts and advice would be greatly received. Thanks so much.


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    You will need to do preventative maintenance including removal of intake and clean out if vehicle has EGR every 100 to 150k kms. Also replace injector lines as long term they eat away on inside corners and that goes into injectors, replace injectors and suction control valve. Maybe every 3 years.
    just my thoughts...


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      Rich1 , what country do you live in? we dont have the Fortuner with a 1KD , we have the 1GD only , and only since 2015.
      2019 GX , in White


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        Hi Spook1205 and White One.

        Thanks for the reply and the input Spook1205. Very much appreciate it.

        No I am not in Aus and travel extensively but the only place I could find people with real experience with this vehicle who might know what they are talking about is in Aus and SA I suspect.

        I am really trying to get a handle on whether I should sell this Fortuner now or not. I reckon I could get about a third of what I would need to pay for a new one but I don't really want to get a new one for a number of reasons. Firstly I am attached to this one, it has served me well and I am sentimental and superstitious about the scrapes it has got me out of. I don't need a shiny vehicle, just a reliable one.

        Also if I got a new one I would have to fork out for all the accessories as well. Problem is I know that I will be turning up the distance for the next six years and it must last or go now whilst I am under 300,000 I suspect. I am trying to figure, firstly if it will go the distance (1 million) and secondly if the cost of any major maintenance that might come over the next 6 years would be offset by buying a new one that has a pristine engine and consequently won't need this sort of maintenance. Any thoughts on that would be gratefully received.

        I will check to see if the EGR has been done, that is Exhaust Gas Recirculater right? Pretty sure injector lines haven't been replaced but will look into that as well.

        Is there a long term maintenance schedule for a fortuner that I could use as a template for what should be done periodically, especially over long milaege?

        Thanks again.


        • Spook1205
          Spook1205 commented
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          Yep EGR, it cooks the oil vapour in the intake.

          Long term not sure of schedule that would look at things outside of Toyota maintenance. These things are normally picked up by small mechanical workshops.

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        OK. thank you Spook1205