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  • Forum Newbee-BFG K/02 feedback(18" A/T Crusade ) & Bullbars(front sensors)-feedback

    Hey Folks, just joined the forum and seen some great articles - nice one!
    I have a 2015 Crusade an looking at some new all terrains. I have heard great things about the K/02's. Thoughts? I do approx 40k km/ yr as a rep in Victoria but love the outdoors, Vic High Country plus touring too.Best price I've seen for the BFG K/02's is $345 each, fitted and balanced.
    Interested to hear from other Crusade owners who have done a few kms on and off road in the K/02's-open to other suggestions in that price bracket.

    Bullbars - I have factory fitted front sensors on my Crusade and have had some knock-backs saying they cannot fit a bull bar because of them??? Anyone else come across this?
    ARB advised to disconnect them and leave them off for them to fit the bar - that doesn't sound right to me, happy to be corrected folks.
    I have seen some rippers outside of the standard ARB and TJM ones. There were some neatly fitted, tough looking ones and I tried catching a glimpse of the names as I drove past but missed it.

    I have only put the Safari snorkel and Redarc electric brakes package on so far. Time and money dependent will mean tyres and bar next.

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    Hey;;; For what its worth, I've KO2 ATs. Mostly road driving & when on trips, highway speeds are usually between 90-105. Some dirt / bumpy roads, & very little mountain 4WD stuff. They cost me $405 ea back in 2016 when they were newish on the market, & I've travelled about 62K on them. This includes 1 x 10+K trip Sydney to Darwin return, 1 x 8+K trip Syd - Eyre Peninsula return including Googs Track, & this year 1 x 8+K trip Syd to the Gulf return. I've 18" rims hence the cost I paid. These days I've seen them the same cost you indicate. Will need new tyres in 2019, & will go KO2s again.

    Bullbar. A mate with a 2013 model VX Prado has front sensors. He got an ARB steel bar fitted & had problems because of the sensors (not reading distances properly), & had it back to ARB a few times for adjustments. Apparently back then, the ARB boys weren't very cluey when fitting bull-bars where sensors were involved. He's happy with it now. Not sure if my mate had the sensors disconnected etc for the bar's fitment.