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  • Fortuner for Germany

    Hi together,

    I live in Germany and I'm considering to order a Fortuner. The Fortuner is not officially sold here and there is only one Toyota-dealer who is importing this car for the local market. Unfortunately this dealer is located 700 km from my home, so a short visit is no option. His Fortuners are built in Thailand and come through the middle east to Europe. They are supposed to be the top trim and have leather seats, power rear door, etc. The badge on the rear says SR5 V6 (see picture). There is also an independent dealer in Belgium that sells a version called VXR Limited V6, also fully loaded. But these cars are not sold to private persons, only dealers.

    I asked the Toyota-dealer for the specs of his cars and he sent me this document. As you can see, the rear brakes are drum and only ABS and VSC are mentioned, Nothing about HAC, DAC, EBD, TSC and A-TRAC. I only need A-TRAC, probably they have it, but I want to be sure about this. The drum brakes are bothering me, for a vehicle with this weight I'm not comfortable with them.

    Does anybody knows something about this "european version"? I will ask him about these points but would like to have a feedback from the experts.

    Thanks in advance for any comments,

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    Hi Christian,
    I'm not sure if you had a look around this forum, but in Australia we only get the 2.8lts Diesel engine in 3 levels of spec (GX, GXL and Crusade).
    The specs that you have there is very similar to the Crusade but with the V6 engine and the rear drums (we get discs front and rear).
    I'd think that a fully spec car will have discs all over and be equipped with all the accronomical paraphernalia (HAC, EDB, TSC, etc etc)


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      Hi Christian,
      Interesting specs, as the previous poster wrote we have three versions and he is correct to say that the one you seem to be looking is what has been branded the Crusade here in Australia . We only get the desiel 2.8 ltr vehicle here, if you buy the mid spec or top of the range it comes standard with DAC, HAC, A-trac and rear diif locker. Plus all come standard with disk brakes , front and rear. It is unusual that the one you are looking at as rear drum brakes, you may need to double check that? It's early days but so far it has been a good off road vehicle with plenty of room for camping gear of a capable tower if you decide to lug a caravan or camper trail around. Let us know how you go.