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    Hi y'all, new user here living northern WA. Limited mechanical knowledge but did manage to use a thread from here to remove the back seats a little while back.

    Had our 2017 graphite GXL just going on a year and very happy with it. Not huge on the accessories as yet - got a fold out up top and side awning for when we go camping but to tell the truth its done most of its ~15,000kms on highways. Last trip we went around the top and down to Uluru felt like running the gauntlet with no bullbar so really need to get one on early in the New Year. Appreciate any tips and advice - pretty limited options up this way so would prefer to go in with a good idea about what I want to happen so I don't just look like a blank cheque...

    I may be able to contribute with some general (not legal opinion) consumer law advice but in the meantime I'll just be browsing and reading.

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    Welcome to the forum. You’ll probably hear lots of different opinions about bull bars. I’ve got the genuine Toyota steel one.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Hey, welcome. When I got my 2015 GX there wasn't anything around in the aftermarket, so i got a Toyota steel bar. Quite a few aftermarket places these days, TJM ARB etc. Lots of thoughts about whether steel or alloy is the way to go.

      If you worry about weight, then its an alloy bar, with 'maybe' a winch with synthetic rope. I've the Toyota sourced Warn winch with synthetic rope on my steel bar.

      The only downside to my Toyota bar, is that it only has 1 antenna tab. Whatever you get, 2 antenna tabs should be preferred. At the very least 1 for the UHF, & the other 1 for a sand flag or similar that needs bull bar mounting. The aftermarket bars I've since seen have 2 antenna tabs. I've a clamp on antenna mount on the bar & put my mobile phone antenna on it when on trips.

      If you run a bull bar search on this forum, you should find comments & thoughts on the subject. Good luck with what you decide.


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        Cheers, yeah I've had a fair read but that probably raised more questions than it did provide answers!

        Currently debating with my partner between functionality (primarily safety) and her aesthetic preoccupation. Not too worried about a winch as not much to attach it to - I'm mostly concerned about hitting a bullock or the like, hence the preference for steel. I've been told that with just the bar on (no second battery, winch etc.) can get away without new shocks etc. but will see what opinions I get on that.

        At this stage the TJM Outback is probably slightly ahead of the ARB Summit due to the front recovery points, and both look better than the Toyota genuine (I'm told). Got a freebie lightbar (supacentre double up) that should fit on any of them so will see how much difference between them after quotes.


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          Hey there, welcome to the forum.


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            Welcome, most of my mods are ARB including there Sahara bullbar, which i agree looks much better than the Toyota bar option. From what i can see ARB or TJM has all the key off road mods you would need for the vehicle. I use ARB simply because they provide a good product and have an extensive dealer network throughout Australia, including remote areas. Its the same reason i use BFG KO2's, but fortunately i have not had any issues with the tyres. ARB has a long range fuel tank option which i have fitted to my vehicle, this has been one of my best investments as it now gives me a respectable 125 ltr fuel capacity and a comfortable range of about 1100 km (depending on road conditions and driver's use of the right foot).
            All the best, have you had any dust ingression issues with the Fortuner ?


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              Hey Miko,

              No issues with dust ingression and nothing from the dealer when put in for the dpf "customer service" earlier this year.

              Finally got the ARB fit yesterday (don't start on delivery delays up here) and happy with how it looks. Pic attached


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