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    Hi guys,
    We just picked up a brand new GXL Fortuner last Friday. We've got fitted by the dealer a Dobinson bullbar and a full 2" suspension also Dobinson with IMS shocks.
    We swap an FJ cruiser for the Fortuner as our family is growing and the FJ isn't really family friendly when you try to fit 2 car seats (one rear facing) and the in-laws.
    So far the car has been great, but I miss the big fuel tank, not that I'll be travelling any time soon to the Simpson; but having the choice to fill up when the price cycle is at rock bottom is great.

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    Hi Geotuner,
    Your story is simular to mine. I have had my Tuner to 6 weeks and my previous 4x4 was a FJ! Love the FJ but you are right, it just lacked room. However i did some amazing trips in to including the Cape, Simpson, Flinders Ranges and many locations in the Vic high country- it handled the rough stuff very well.
    Like you, i loved that huge tank on the FJ, so prior to deliver of the Tuner i had all the usual mods done (same as i had on the FJ), ARB OME 2" lift, snorkel, ARB Sarah bar, Rumva winch, diff breathers, dual battery system, Toyota tow bar, Drifter Drawers with 35 ltr water tank, UHF radio, Rhino Rack, ARB Intensity spotties PLUS an ARB 45 ltr fuel tank that gravity feeds into the main tank, giving me now a respectable 125 ltr. The tank is fited above the spare wheel, however the spare wheel sits a litle lower now but with the 2" lift it has been fine. So far it hasn't bottomed out on any off road tacks.
    I'm getting a confortable 1100 km on a tank which is not far off what i got on the FJ. The FJ did just over 1200 km on a tank. The FJ did Birdsville, French line, Rig road, down to Oodnadatta then to Cody Pedy on one tank (just over 900 km)! Not sure i will get the same distance out of the Fortuner on a desert crossing but i would comfortably get from Birdsville to Oodnadatta or Mt Dare if i was to do the Simpson again with the larger fuel tank on the Tuner.
    The amount i paid for the Fortuner GLX with all the mods would have cost me about the same a a Prado GLX without many of the mods, thus my decision to go for the Tuner. How about you, why did you choose the Fortuner ?


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      I drive a Prado for work and to be honest I can't see the value on it, for what I need. I found the Prado very floaty on road, probably a good suspension will solve that. Also quite underpowered, compared with the Fortuner, those nearly 200 kg difference do a lot to the engine. The suspension and engine combo gives the prado a very sedated ride. No wonder why they fit "lane departure warning" to keep you awake. I thought that with the Prado update they will include a better dash layout and a more useful interior for the size of the car(access to the 3rd row is far better in the Fortuner and with all 3 rows deployed, you still have room in the back for a pram and a couple of shopping bags ) the Prado still misses out on the "Power mode" and the Rear diff lock at least on the GX..
      Apart from that the $15k difference on the price tag was another big issue.
      So, you are right, with the 15k difference you can go a loooong way with your accessories to tailor the fortuner for your needs.