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  • Biggus from Townsville

    Gidday all from sunny NQ. Actually I'm in Sydney at the moment, flew down for last night's Iron Maiden concert. Picked up the Crusade in December, phantom brown with caramel leather. Previous truck was an '06 120 series V6 Prado GXL, A 90 series before that and a poojero before that. Walked into the dealer to buy a new 150 series but fell in love with the Crusade's price and features.

    She's now sporting ARB front air locker which works a treat (had both diffs locked in the 120). Now looking for a long range fuel tank as we are planning to cross the Simmo next year. As you will have found, still not a lot of aftermarket goodies for the 'tuner yet (like an overhead console).

    Anyhow, look forward to chatting with fellow devotees in the future. Will post a picture or two when I get home.

    Cheers, Biggus.