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    Hey all,

    Just picked up a 2016 GXL which we plan to use as the daily driver/touring car in Northern WA.
    It was between this and a 2011 Prado at roughly the same price but after driving both I was sold on the Fortuner.
    Have already gained some great knowledge from reading through the posts on this forum.
    Plan to get the following fitted:
    - Rhino 4x4 bullbar
    - Rhino roof tray #JA8821
    - Safari snorkel
    - Dual batteries (mainly for 60L ARB fridge in rear)
    - Half cargo barrier
    - Long Ranger 45l Aux fuel tank - apparently there is no impact to ground clearance with these anymore?
    - Scangauge II / Radio / LED floods
    - Rear storage / false floor (inspired by DaveC/4Tuner setup)

    Being mindful of GVM and am already considering a suspension upgrade to cope with the added weight.

    Keen to here any suggestions or advice regarding the various selections.



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    Mine was used by Long Ranger for the R&D to develop their 45 lt sub fuel tank you're getting, which will sit above the spare, without need for the spare to be relocated.

    Trust me..., the spare tyre will definitely sit closer to the ground after the subbie is fitted, by about 75-100 mm.

    Technically speaking maybe the approach / departure angles "might" be the same or have a very minor difference, but the spare is closer to the ground.

    If you type sub fuel tank into the search box above, you'll likely find the photos I put up, showing the subbie sits lower. You can always measure the distance from the bottom of the spare to the ground before fitting the subbie, then after to check for yourself.

    Re the GVM; remember, while the suspension upgrade will help with sagging issues when the car's loaded up, it won't increase the car's GVM rating unless you get an actual GVM Certified & Engineered upgrade kit, which will include a suspension upgrade.


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      Thanks Anthony, I did read that thread but thought they might made some adjustments since, the website says "Maximum Capacity, Zero loss Of Ground Clearance". I might get in touch with them to clarify. I saw you were you looking at a GVM upgrade, do you know if the process has become any easier?


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        Not sure if the process for certified GVM upgrade is easier now compare to a while ago. For me it was more the cost. I'd already spent a couple of grand for the suspension upgrade, & was told that gear would have to come out as it was no good for certified GVM upgrade purposes. The certified GVM upgrade was gonna cost about 3K.

        So that plus the 2k already spent would have meant a total outlay of 5k in the space of 2-ish years since I'd bought the car. Sure I could have sold the suspension upgrade stuff (which was ARB), but what I'd have got back wouldn't have been enough for me to go through the process. A camper trailer will shift some load from the car to the camper.

        With the fuel tank, after install they put a sheet of ply wood under touching the rear tyres, then then lifted it up till it touched the tow bar. This gave them their angle, which was measured with some type of tool, & said the angle was still good.

        If you're doing serious rock crawling & bouncing every other weekend you'll definitely damage the subbie, as the spare would be hit rocks which in turn will push up into the subbie. I'm more touring these days so that sort of driving now is out. Not to say I wouldn't try it, but for fuel range is more important.

        Like I said, measure tyre to the ground before & after fitting. You will see it lower, even if the angels don't change much. Better still, get them to measure the angle in front of you both before & after install.


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          When they say zero loss of ground clearance, they mean that the lowered spare tyre is not the lowest point of the vehicle. That’s true, but it’s a bit misleading. Being right at the back, it has an impact on departure angle. But as Anthony has said, this will only be an issue if you do serious off-road work.
          2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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            Anthony that sounds quite frustrating and agree that moving weight to a camper is the way to go. Ah yeh I see what they are saying there re clearance vs departure angles. I don't plan on doing any real serious off-road work (Shark Bay Steep Point, Canning Stock Route, Gibb River Road, War etc). Ill probably look into an Outback Armour suspension upgrade / some BFG KO2s in the 265/720/17 to compensate somewhat.


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              Qld have made it easier to get post registration easier. Hopefully other states will soon follow their lead.