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G'day - back into 4x4, tuner on the way

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  • G'day - back into 4x4, tuner on the way

    Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself.

    I've all but bit the bullet on a brand spankin' GXL fortuner my local dealer has in stock. I grew up in landcruisers since I was a kid - recently settled down with a short wheelbase rav4 for the city, but reaching the end of its life (and I've given it hard life, think i pushed it places it wasn't meant to go haha). Pretty keen to get into a bit of touring and offroading again, and the tuner is ticking all the boxes for me.

    I'm able to get it partially pre tax through work which saves a bit of coin. I've never bought a new car before - dealer has offered to install any aftermarket things I want pre rego, which i can bundle into pre tax savings through work. Is this generally a done thing? A lot to decide if I get it all done at once (and a big hit on the wallet...). Tempted to get barwork, tray, snork, tyres, suspension sorted all in one hit, but yeah, $$$.

    I've noticed a lot of distributors only list compatibility up to the facelift late 2020 - is there anything I should be careful of when judging compatibility against the older model?

    Looking forward to leaning more about this car and getting to know it!

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    Hey sammus, I picked up my 2021 GXl Fortuner in November. I got everything, towkit, roof tray, bull bar all under one roof also pre tax as it comes out of my retax salary. They fitted everything no dramas. Since then I havent looked back. The Tuna turned out to be a very handy nimble car. So far I did some touring and off roading without any lift just stock but it performed suprisingly well. The new Apple Carplay is a fantastic addition and the paddle shifters..mate, I cannot go back to any car now without paddle shifters. When you go off roading sand for example it is a life saver. Gives so much control over the angine is so nice. People complained about how jarring and jittery the Fortuner I disagree. We tried a Kluger as a loan car and the Fortuner is better. I had a Sorento before this and obvioulsy that was more comfortable but having done 8000kms this summer I found the Tuna well placed, comfortable ride. No regrets.


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      I have a 2018 GXL and it has been the best vehicle I have owned and I have had quite a few over the years. I think you like it if you are wanting a 4x4 wagon and ever since the facelift they had they seem to be more popular than ever and I hope this forum also takes off more as I prefer the forum to Facebook pages as you can;t as easily go back and look at things as you can here. There are some good threads in here about things and will help a lot if you get one.