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Beeping Cruise control with over speed.

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  • Beeping Cruise control with over speed.

    Hi All,

    Loving our new GX fortuner but πŸ˜‰ just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a very annoying beeping every time the vehicle exceeds 4km/h over the set speed on cruise control. E.g. Cruising with cruise control set to 100km/h and as soon as you head down a hill the vehicle speeds up to 104km/h beeps four times I think with the collision warning symbol displayed on the dash, then the gearbox changes down and attempts to slow to set speed. Every bloody hill or crest. Thought it was a speed warning but drove a brand new hilux for a few days this week and no beeping. Toyota said at the first service its normal.

    Cheers Tim

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    Sorry posted in wrong section probably and cant see how to delete so have reposted in Tech - Electrical. Would really like some feedback.


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      I know its a bit late but if you turn off the speed sign recognition setting it won’t do it… down side is you have to change it every time you start the car..