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  • Archie from Sydney

    Hi folks, I recently traded my 2009 Kluger Grande on a GX Fortuner, mainly for the off-road ability and better towing ability for my EcoTourer van, 1460kg dry, 1700kg loaded. I figure I can spec up the GX with off-road gear with the money saved over the Crusade price. My wife and I have just returned from a 5200km trip to Outback Qld towing the van, and taking a few 4wd tracks along the way. I can say we are extremely pleased with the way the GX performed. Fuel consumption for the trip calculated on actual fill data (not the car's computer) was 10.70 litres per 100 Klms. I do use some fuel saving driving techniques wherever I can. Very happy.

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    Hello Archie,
    Welcome to the club.
    Glad to hear that you're happy with the Fortuner.
    How does the fuel consumption compare with the Kluger?



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      Hi Ralf,
      Kluger fuel consumption as follows;

      Open highway - 9 l/100 klms
      Around town - 12 l/100 klms
      Towing 12 to 15.5 depending on hills, headwind etc.

      The Fortuner is not only an easier drive when towing, but fuel consumption is much better. Best on our recent trip was 10 l/100 klms, worst was 11 l/100 Klms. I normally try to drive in the engine's sweet spot, ie 1600 - 2200 rpm; this keeps us motoring at around 95-100 kph in most places. More right foot is sometimes needed for larger hills.

      Cheers, Archie