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  • Hi from Ads

    Just bought a 2019 glx. been watching the forum for tips and thought I'd say hi. Reason for buying this and saying goodbye to my beloved golf r wagon was to take the kids on adventures and have more room/ capabilty for their stuff. Planning on getting a camper ala jayco etc. have been researching vehicles and campers for ages. I live in sth sydney so keen to be involved in any clubs down here. happy new year. Ads

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    Welcome to the group , plenty of information on here regarding mods and towing capacity. There is also a very active Facebook group under the same name with more photos and ideas. enjoy.
    2019 GX , in White


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      I'm not mechanically minded but find this group very helpful with tips and ideas, with people willing to offer advice. Enjoy the group.

      If interested, google and check out the Georges River Overlanding & Recreation Club. Based in the Sutherland Shire.


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        Thanks for the welcome and tips. There are only 2 standout issues so far. 1. stereo has crap reception, have read this is a "feature" ideas or head unit replacements welcome.2. where to mount the mobile... I've searched both G and the forum. Ideas??


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          Agree. Radio reception has always been garbage in my 2015 GX. Plus activating the talk feature when asking to call someone often results in a, "sorry didn't hear or understand, or did you mean" and gives me a name completely different to the person I asked for. Complained to my local dealership who allegedly tested it & told me it worked fine.

          As for mounting the phone, I've a Carcomm car charging hands free unit. Consists of a base charging unit with external antenna which I've mounted to the bull bar, and a Multi-basys cradle that the phone sits in and charges while driving. I've placed it to the right hand side of the radio, so its not on the windscreen and easily reachable.

          If interested in that type of thing, google hands free car charging kits.


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            I have a Carcomm car charging hands-free unit. Consists of a base charging unit with an external antenna which I've mounted to the bull bar for fishing kayaks UAE
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