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    Hello fellow enthusiasts! Very pleased to discover there is an Australian forum for the Fortuner, and hope to be able to learn from others and contribute over time. Have just ordered a GXL and am told it'll be here about June-July. I live a few km from the Avon Wilderness in the Vic high country and this vehicle seems to have good potential for the steep rocky tracks and river crossings that are typical of this area. My plan is to start with an unmodified vehicle and add/modify gradually with aftermarket products, probably starting with tyres, so I look forward to reading the experiences of others on this forum.

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    Sounds like June-July ETA was optimistic and deliveries have fallen in a hole. My dealer now says can't give an ETA, best guess "late in the year"...


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      Mine took 5 months, ordered 5 November and turned up 14th April.
      I did go in every Friday and annoy them, took to end February to get a delivery date which was 28 April. It came 2 weeks before that.


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        It seems the effects of silicon chip shortages and freight delays are really starting to bite the car manufacturing industry generally. You timed it well!


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          Thanks, really stoked with mine.
          will be worth the wait.


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            Good to hear. I bought 4 BFG KO2s in case they become hard to get. An occasional glance at them in the shed cheers me up a little...