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  • Voice prompt commands

    I am having trouble using this feature, each time I press the voice command button on the steering wheel to bring up a command system does not recognise it. When the voice command speaks, her voice it not an even pace (its sounds like a robot running out of Battery) and I keep getting the message "sorry I cannot recognise that command" Has any one experienced the same?? I had the same issue with navigation until i changed it to British accent and now it works fine. Is there a way to change the sound setting for the the voice command?

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    Same issue with mine. it's so [email protected]@t i have complained to Toyota but no fix as yet. even the message fails to work. Got it going and then stopped working.


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      Same here.....slow, glitch ridden, useless rubbish. It is so frustrating I don't even attempt to use it any more.