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    Hi Everyone, My name is Nathan and I am the manager at Goodspanner Opposite Lock in Brookvale.
    We / I have just purchased a brand new 2015 GXL Auto.
    The idea is to build a rolling showroom and to use it extensively. I am here for ideas, inspiration, share what we are upto and hopefully meet some new friends too!
    I am not here to sell anything or have my work hat on. Instead I am building my new car for me and my partner to tour / 4wd with and looking for something to talk about it with.
    I will be building it with the best of the best and see whats possible with one of these vehicles.
    After 2 solid days out in hampton state forest (where very much to partners dismay, we put on the first scratches and bent both sides steps) and a day exploring up in Zag Zag in the back of Lithgow, in completely standard trim. I am VERY impressed with this car.
    Please feel free to say hello and if you have any specific questions or anything you want me to investigate with a bit more industry leverage on my side, don't hesitate to ask.

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    We will be picking up our 205 GXL auto on Friday can't wait. We got the tow bar factory fitted. Looking at aftermarket bullbar/ nudge bar in black at some point.
    We are located near Penrith. Our first trip will be zig zag and out to newnes.


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      HI Nathan, G'day. This afternoon I returned from 3 weeks in the centre that included a Simpson crossing (West to East) in my GX. I've had a few extra added - specifically I was trialling a set of HD Lovell springs and a track mounted Rhino pioneer platform. The vehicle and the mods all worked well. The Fortuner used very little diesel in the sand on the Simpson ... only about 69 litres total from Mt Dare to Birdsville via the Rig Road. Running BFG mud terrains, with swags, a jerry can and box up top however highway consumption suffered -especially at higher NT speeds and in cross or headwinds. Overall I am very impressed. I have owned 2 Toyota Troopies, 2 Landies and a Pajero DiD over the last 25 years and all have been very capable 4WDs in a variety of circumstances. The Fortuner is shaping up as an excellent allrounder. I extracted myself from a serious boghole in the last km into Mt Dare last Sunday evening that I don't think any of those other vehicles could have achieved ... amazing what strandard rear diff lockers can do! (not even my bro-in-laws brand new 200 series Tojo boasts that as standard! From the last 3 weeks I think the biggest downside for the Fortuner for a really excellent off-road tourer is clever aftermarket solutions to deal with its lack of cargo space. Fuel, water, swags etc can be loaded up top but then you have to get there and back with all that weight and drag on the roof. cheers Geoff