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  • Hello Everyone....

    G'day ladies and gentlemen, thought I should introduce myself before parting with more of my (potentially not-so great) insight. Hahaha. I am a current owner of 2006 D4D HiLux and looking to upgrade soon to a GXL Tuna. Actually drove one just 2hrs ago...nice step up from the ute. ;-) I'm looking forward to my new toy!

    Anyways I have been and still am a current member of the community and was very active in the early days, but once the SAME threads and questions kept being asked and repeated over and over (apparently some people don't like search functions) I kinda got bored and just left it. If you have been on the site I'm under the same name of Monaz, my truck is substantially modified with a lot of custom work here there too. I'm am looking to start the same type of build with the while I'm not a mechanic, I have been playing around with motors/cars and 4wds for atleast 25yrs now, and pretty much do all my work myself if possible. So for disclaimer reasons any advice/modifications or suggestions I give are purely from prior experience or just trying to systematically work through issues among like minded people. Take my word with a grain of salt, I'm just a fella who loves the mechanics and workings of 4wds and someone who loves getting out and about in this big amazing country.

    I look forward to this site building as the Tunas become more popular! All the best....Tim.