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  • Larrco

    I have one too, picked it up three weeks ago, just done over 1,200 kms, due for it's first service next weekend. My Fortuner is a Crusade model in Pearl white with Brown interior. Originally I wanted a Phantom Brown with Tan interior but one dealer advised there was only one of these in the country and when I went back it had been sold, besides they wouldn't come to the party on price. I was advised I could order this colour combination but in reality the image displayed in the showroom didn't match the actual colour of the car especially the tan interior and it would be six months before I saw it. I ended up picking one off the shelf, had in supplied within a week with tow pack and Red Arc Tow Pro fitted as well as carpets and side windshields supplied at a price I am told made the Sales Manager cry.

    Overall I am happy with the car, I am pleased I have control of the windscreen wipers (My Levin ZR has automatic rain sensing wipers and they go at all different speeds with no control over them at all) However, I am not happy that I have no control over the lights, I have no problem with the daytime running lights but the sensor to turn the headlights on at night is far too sensitive, it switches the lights on even at 4.30 p.m. if I am in the shadow of a tree or a tall building but otherwise broad daylight, really strange.

    I have christened my car a tractor as it sounds just like a tractor when it starts up in the morning even though it is kept in a garage and it is sluggish first thing to get going. I also find the brakes snatch or grab whilst it is warming up, is this a special feature of this car? I am sure these things will be sorted out when it goes in for it's service.

    Like anything new, it takes time to get used to it and I am patient. I'll be putting it through it's paces at Christmas time when I do a road trip to the Gold Coast.

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    You can adjust headlight sensitivity here