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  • Fourbie Sessions new bus

    Hi I'm Caleb, I have stepped out of the drivers seat of a tough an capable PX Ranger and into a manual GX Fortuner. I brought a Fortuner because I needed extra seats and I felt it was a better rig over the Everest​​​​​​.

    The mods on my family fun bus as it sits today are-

    Dobinson MS suspension.
    King D hole 17x8 pos 0 wheels wrapped in 285/70 Achilles XMT's
    Ironman Steel bullbar
    Brown Davis UG2 underbody protection
    Aurora 20" SR light bar
    Lightforce Rok 20 on Buds Customs bonnet brackets
    Uniden remote mic UHF radio with a Flexi 2.1 dbi aerial
    Dominator winch

    Future mods

    Custom fabricated sliders.
    Rear bar, of some description
    Flat rack of some description
    And I'm sure there will be plenty more

    I'm still new to using forums so if I don't reply don't take it to heart. I'll try to answer any questions here, but the best way to get a hold of me is social media via
    + Happy Go Travel Facebook, Instagram or
    +Aussie 4wd Fortuner group on Facebook

    Cheers Caleb
    Caleb HGT
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    Nice rig, Caleb 👍
    Went to your blog, very informative. Keep up the good work.


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    Welcome mate, join the facebook group


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    Caleb HGT
    Caleb HGT did you have any issues with driveline vibrations??
    also Rhino has a flat rack (pioneer) for the GX now the 1900 x 1200 (close to that) is under $1500.


    • Caleb HGT
      Caleb HGT
      Caleb HGT commented
      Editing a comment
      Nope, no issues with driveline vibration. But being a two piece tail shaft it's an easy fix if you get them just space your center bearing.

      I'm trying to stay away from rhino, I'd like a front runner or something a bit different.

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    I've got an ARB spacer which fixed my issues, total cost $15.
    Im with you on the Front Runner rack, but I can only find products for the previous model at moment.