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New(ish) Crusade for Moreton (and Diamond Head and some other places too)

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  • New(ish) Crusade for Moreton (and Diamond Head and some other places too)

    Hi all

    I bought my new Crusade in May and I'm taking it off on it's first big trip from Friday. We're off to some bush camping up the east coast of NSW as well as getting over to Moreton Island for a week.

    I have done very little 4WD before and this is my first car capable of taking me to these places. Anyone got any advice? I am towing about 1.5t with an offroad camper trailer (All Terrain Camper Trailers) and associated kit. Only aftermarket I've done so far are recovery points (there's another topic here about using the tie down points and I think the decision was not to... I've definitely been told that's a massive no, no) and an anderson plug. I had a tow bar fitted and roof racks by Toyota.

    My biggest concern is driving on sand with the standard tyres that come with the Crusade. Sure, I'll let them down etc, but with the extra weight I'm towing - and a fair bit of inexperience - I'm just hoping in the short distance from the Micat ferry to my camping site, there are no problems!! I do have a snatch strap and some recovery tracks - but it's a nervous feeling!


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    Welcome TD,

    I can't help you with the towing aspect as I've never towed anything!
    I also haven't taken my Fortuner on sand yet, though I've driven plenty of sand in my previous 4wd.
    Nevertheless here are some resources that I think will help you:

    As you are new to 4wd'ing generally, it's important that you understand how the car works so you are in the right mode for the circumstances and give yourself at least a fighting chance! This article by Robert Pepper explains the 4wd system in the fortuner:

    (For further reading of 4wding generally, I highly recommend the authors book, "The 4WD Handbook".)

    As for sand driving techniques, I really like this lengthy but entertaining article by Outback Joe:

    Good luck and take plenty of pictures to share



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      Hi mate, I haven't taken my tuna on moreton yet, but have been there heaps if times over the years in my old jeep. Moreton is usually pretty easy going, as long as no clowns tear up the sand as you get off the bardge. Get there early and you'll get off the bardge at the front of the line.

      Road tyres are actually best for sand as they don't dig down like muddies, so as long as you let them down, you should be fine. Let them down before you get off the badge, you have plenty of time on the way over and it will be a nice ride this time of year.

      The only time i've seen it really soft on moreton was after a couple of months with no rain. There's been enough rain recently that the tracks will be a little firmer and not dry powder!

      Don't forget to turn off the traction control so the wheels will spin without lowering the engine revs automatically.

      Have a great time...