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    Hey Guys, new member from S.A. and new to 4wd, need to get air compressor and few othet thing's for off road. Anyone purchased the one from 4wd supastore (thumper)?

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    Hi Frazza, we have a sidewinder, we've actually bought 2 online from this guy (1st one was stolen out of our old Surf)
    Would recommend.
    Best of luck.


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      I have a Terrain Tamer twin piston compressor myself and a separate ARB deflator/pressure guage. The guage on the compressor itself is just a guide. Works pretty well so far.


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        Hi Frazza!

        I bought the Thumper Air Compressor and a number of other items from 4wdsupacentre. Am very happy with it!




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          I have a bushranger max air III and it is not the fastest in the world, was fairly expensive, but it has a pressure cut-off switch and is a good reliable brand and is supposed to be rebuild able which may help in the middle of nowhere. Theoretically you could get two or even three of the cheaper compressors for the price. So if my compressor lasts 2-3 times the next one then it has paid itself off. Not sure whether it was worth it, but time will tell. I have heard good reviews on the thumpers from 4wd Supacentre too so it may just be a personal thing...
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            ARB one that comes in its own hard case.

            All good so far
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              I bought an ARB (in grey case) compressor in the year 2000. Never used it all that much but when about 6 yrs old it stopped working. Tried a new relay etc but no luck. Took it back to ARB for a "quick look/fix" if they could & left it with them. They'd sent it off for repair without my knowledge. But when I picked it up, they didn't charge for the fix? They said because it didn't seem to have been over-used/abused, it shouldn't have failed, hence the repair free of charge. Had it a total of 16 yrs & left it in the Patrol when I traded it in for the Fortuner.

              On the fact ARB did the repair for free on a 6-ish yr old unit, I got another (in grey case) compressor. But ARB isn't cheap. Like Shaun, I've also heard good things about the Thumper. (I've no affiliation with ARB).


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                Pat Callinan media did a big comparison which was quite technical and covered about a dozen compressors if you can get a back issue..cant recall if it was the printed or online mag (unsealed).
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                  Thanks for feedback Guys, ordered a thumper, see how it goes.