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  • Bull bar advice wanted

    hi guys,
    I've recently purchased a GXL Fortuner and want a slimline bullbar bull bar similar to that of the XROX. I'm in Sydney and pretty new to the whole 4wd thing so any advice would help.

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    proyodeler there aren't a great deal of slimline bars around TBH, it also depends on how much you want to spend, and what you want it made out of? Alloy will cost more than a steel one, but is lighter. the XROX bars from my understanding aren't great for frontal protection. e.g. you'd get better protection from a smartbar or an alloy nudge bar instead, that being said what do you want to do with the bar? mount a winch? or just spotlights? i spent the $2,500 for a steel TJM Outback bar and it doesn't really stick out that far (my 30 cents worth)


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      Thanks for the message mate, I've had a look and it looks like I'll be spending around that amount of coin for the stuff shown in these links below.
      basically I'll just be doin off-road stuff, semi-serious tracks, nothing insane. But eventually I'll need a winch. Apparently the first link fits a fortuner too?


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        No worries, the AFN is an awesome bar, but when i contacted them they still didn't have one specifically for the fortuner, although in reality the 2015+ Hilux and Fortuner are almost identical vehicles, some bright spark at some insurance company might kick up a stink if they find out the bar is not specifically tested on a fortuner for ADR compliance (that will void your insurance)

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      I love the rhino bar.. I have seen one on a hilux and its looks awesome.

      That would be my pick of the slim line ones.

      It also looks like if fully replaces the front bumper.
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        I'm thinking of getting a Smartbar ( for the Fortuner (see photo). Does anyone have any experience with these?


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        Thanks for that link. Not sure how I missed that.


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          another alloy bar released to add to the choice
          Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.