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Hi ya from Perth

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  • Hi ya from Perth

    Hi all, just ordered a graphite crusade today and should have it mid next week. Currently have a 150 Prado and was going to get a SR5 but would have had to put a canopy on, so took a Fortuner for a spin and was sold. Managed to borrow one for the day while my car got serviced and it was really good especially in the city carparks. Look forward to trying it off road as my Prado has been a fantastic vehicle but need to change over cause I use it for work.

    Will add some pics once I pick it up.

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    Hi Simon and welcome to the forum!

    Glad to see you enjoyed it so much and let us know what you think of it against the 150 series. I am interested in how people rate the two.

    Anyway, seems like the delivery times are getting less now which is a good thing. Enjoy it when it arrives.

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