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  • Greetings

    Hi everyone,

    Looks like another great great forum from Australia. I am shopping for a new 4x4 to replace my 10 year old SWB Prado 2.7 liter petrol. Considering the 4.0 Petrol Fortuner against the 4.0 FJ which is still sold in our part of the world, and the Pajero Sport. Tough decision, the Fortuner is 15% more expensive than the Pajero with less standard specs, although it has the stronger engine and better reliability, a big issue is the small gas tank. We use the 4x4s here to go into the desert for some dune bashing with the very occasional, if any, rocky terrain.

    Hope me to read enough positive comments to sway my decision soon.


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    Oh, and it is only another 10% in price hike for a 4.0 petrol Prado, which I hear will be replaced next year.


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      In Australia we just have the 2.8L diesel, which is probably more fuel efficient than a 4L petrol, making range more of an issue for the petrol.
      Toyota has a much better reputation for reliability in Australia. Some people think that the longer warranty for the Pajero somehow makes up for this. But whats the point of owning a car if its stuck in the workshop more often than not?
      The Prado is quite an old model. Its proven but quite tired. Seems hard to justify the extra money for an older model with very similar specs.
      Good luck with your decision


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        Appreciate the response, what's your views on Fortuner vs. FJ, again in 4.0 liter petrol? Whats great about the FJ is that it has a 159 liter had tank from the factory.


        • young_dazza
          young_dazza commented
          Editing a comment
          The FJ Cruiser is a very different kind of car to the other three. More of a competitor to the Hilux or Jeep Wrangler.. The second row of seats in the FJ are more for decoration.

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        Apologies, I meant Gas tank.