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  • G'day from Hilux Owner

    G'day All,

    I'm a farmer from Victoria my wife and I love touring in our 2010 hilux and had no desire to upgrade until my old work ute gave up and now we are looking at getting a fortuner and converting the hilux into a work ute.

    We were set on getting another hilux but with a 3rd kid on the way have decided on a fortuner for Bec will be a better option only mods to start with are going to be an ARB bar and maybe suspension as we will still use the hilux for our longer range touring duties as it's already set up.

    What do you all think of your fortuners? any dos and don'ts? I would also like Some DuraTrac tyres as we live on dirt roads and it will spend a lot of its life on them probably 60% of the time can I go to a 265/70R17 for a wider selection? Or will that Minor size increase give me problems?

    cheers Nusk

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    Hey Nusk, Welcome along i'd recommend having a look at the TJM Outback T13 Bar instead of the ARB as they come with: Wiring harnesses, LED fog lamps and Recovery points all in the price and also cost less than ARB do (No affiliation but i've got the T13 bar and love it)
    We pretty much all love our Tuna's


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      You will scrub out with that tyre size without a lift. Also anything bigger than 265/70R17 or 265/65R18 won't fit under car as spare. But in saying that I agree with "thehunteroz" I love the Tuna, just waiting for Rhino to release their back bone system for the pioneer rack.


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        Cheers Hunter and Skardo, we will probably stick with the stock tyres and suspension for a few months F&R bars and UHF will see us out for $$ for a while and I'll let the sagging front end scrub the tyres out until I can afford suspension and new Tyres then I will go with a 265/70-17 as for the bar I've ordered the ARB for 2.5k fitted and colour coded as i have had great after sales service from my local ARB dealer. Rear bar is going to be a kaymar with pivots ready for rear wheel carrier and or fuel.



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          Do's. Drive it as per normal. Dont's. Keep it stock, it can handle pretty much anything stock. If you need to go mudding and rock climbing, change the tyres to aggressive mud/off road tyres. You can pretty much tackle anything as it is.


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            First up should be a provent or flashlube catch can and an additional diesel filter - after that take your pick but tyres are best bang for buck for offroad. I went 265/70/17 tyres (better clearance and hate 18") and they rub on 3/4+ lock, but a 1 inch spring lift will fix that.

            Next I'd go for steel side steps (with plate steps that stop rocks/sticks/small logs hitting the sill and gives a descent step to get to the roof), underbody protection, bullbar and driving lights. Having/not having those has cost/saved me pannel beating money in the past. Suspension comes into play for the bullbar or increased tyre size.

            In terms of ROI, I've wasted more money on winches than any other accessory (live in east Vic, so rivers/high country steep shit are a regular) - i've owned three winches and only ever had to use one once to get SOC (some other ...) unstuck near jacksons crossing on the snowy so I could keep going. Instead of a winch I'm going to carry maxtrax and snatch straps instead and I'll wait for SOC to help get me out if I ever get stuck. The other mod I wont be doing again is an underbonnet dual battery, heat kills them, rough tracks kill captive bolts and I find power is needed at the back, not the front. For this car I'll be going a portable lifepo4 setup in the back, or just upgrading the camper to dc/dc and lifepo4 charged via anderson on the towbar. Beyond that, an idrive throttle controller and dpchip really transform the drive and make up for lost gearing due to increase in tyre size.

            I stick with ARB for bars. With deer and roo strikes previously I've replaced a few bullbars, and ARB are the only ones who have been great with replacements, even if they have had to get one manufactured due to no stock it's only been a 2 week wait - try that on bars sourced from overseas once the current model gets superseded - not so great saving then.
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