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  • Doddsey from qld

    Hey All,

    new to the fortuner 2 months new to me. It my first nearly new fourby. I got a 2015 crusade with 27,000kms. My previous trucks were a 1996 petrol prado (389,000 km) and a 2000 105 petrol landcruiser (314,000). Both great rigs but I needed a beer rig for new family and work.

    First diesel but I'm loving it - windows down listening to the turbo whistle.

    Don't have any major crazy mods - my last two rigs didn't fit in the garage. Just want a capable rig for around town and weekend adventuring both beach and bush.

    So so far I've done:
    led interior lights
    removed the 3rd row seats.
    Roof racks

    Planned mods:
    water tank
    rear cargo solution. - not doing drawers more shelves.
    Either new rims or plastidip current rims black
    all terrain tyres - thinking hankook due to affordability.
    Maybe new grill or plastidip
    hard mount air compressor
    new led fog lights
    upgraded stereo Inc compact subwoofer.
    recovery points. - I would love if anyone could point me in the right direction to recovery points that don't need a bull bar.

    Aiming to have most most of it done by October for a Moreton trip. Just had a new born hence my tardiness in getting stuck into it.

    Lovjng the car and looking forward to contributing to the fortuner forum community

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    waiting for the weekend

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    Welcome Doddsey

    it is my understanding ARB recovery points do not need a bull bar... BUT the only Bullbar they fit with is the ARB bull bar.

    If you fit a bar later you only have one choice being ARB.

    a few other manufacturers are likely the same (

    Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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      Cheers 4tuner. I'm going to call around this week and get a set. I asked another member and they had ironman points with no bullbars.
      waiting for the weekend


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        ok but just be aware there was another post on here i read a while back that said Ironman points would ONLY fit with the Ironman bull bar also installed. Have a search around the forum you will find the comments.
        Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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          Late welcome to you... Look forward to your build progress!
          Kind Regards,

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