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  • Another one from Brisneyland

    Just ordered the Fortuner today, getting a black crusade with all the useful additions like steel bullbar, sidesteps, snorkel, weathersheilds, towbar but downgraded the wheels to a GX model set because who wants highway tyres on a bloody 4WD!

    Hopefully they will have it all ready for me in 2-3 weeks, pics to follow when I actually get it

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    Hi Psykamaholik and welcome to the forum!

    Yeah I think the downgrade may be a wise move. Did they give you some discount back on those? Be interesting to know?

    Looking forward to those pics and hope the weeks fly by!

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      Yeah they offered me $1000 off for the wheel "downgrade", sure the steel rims don't look as cool as the alloys but at least I'll be able to get some off road use out of it. I had to forgo the winch because it was adding way too much to the price of the car in one hit. Even though it was priced at $3100+tax once you added the GST, luxury car tax and some other tax it came in at adding around $4500 to the price!


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        Today was the day!


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          👍👍👍👍👍 Looks awesome mate

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        Originally posted by Psykamaholik View Post
        Today was the day!
        Gorgeous mate!
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