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  • Hello from Brisbane!

    Hello everyone,

    Myself and my fiance Brooke are a few months out from purchasing a GXL fortuner, been doing some browsing for the last month across the forums here and thought I'd make an account.

    Had a few questions if anyone could let me know how your experiences went.

    What would everyone's first modification be on the vehicle?
    What sort of finance rate has everyone got on theirs?

    I am looking to throw a $10k deposit on the car to lower the finance rate (hopefully) and wondering who is doing well in the finance game at the moment? How does dealer finance go these days?

    I haven't bought a car for 5 years and as we have decided on the fortuner just seeing what everyone's experiences have been with the purchasing sides of things.

    Anyone got any idea what the release date for the 2018 model is?

    Feel free to throw any mechanical questions my way - Diesel fitter by trade.

    Cheers guys!

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    My first mods were Toyota steel bull bar, warn winch & Toyota tow bar, all fitted by Toyota. Next was aluminium drawers from Off Road Systems; then to ARB for a dual battery system, a GME UHF radio a & 40mm lift. I've no affiliation to any of these 3 companies, just went with them for my own reasons.

    Then I've run a few wiring set ups for anderson plugs towards the rear of the car for extra 12v power sources.

    Re finance, I just stuck to my bank, which was better than Toyota's finance at that time (don't know about now). Plus I couldn't be bothered hunting around for better rates. Don't know much about money matters, but the more you can put into the deposit the cheaper your loan will be, & that's gotta be a good thing!

    Lots of info & tips in the forum. Good hunting...


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      My only mods have been the genuine Toyota snorkel and the genuine Toyota alloy winch compatible bull bar (still saving for the winch itself). I'm guessing the best finance you can get is borrowing on the equity in your house, assuming you have one (increasing your home loan by the amount you borrow). That's the way I went.
      I got the snorkel as I was doing lots of driving in the dust when I could get away for some off-road activity and I got the bull bar for outback holidays because I didn't want a stray roo to spoil the trip, plus it was necessary for the winch, which I may need to get me out of a situation some day. Fortunately haven't hit any wildlife yet.