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  • Hello!!!

    My name is Julian and live in Melbourne, I am excited as just bought a fortuner, was very hard to find stock.

    I have a question to start as could not find in your forum, has anyone fitted a missfuel prevention device called solo diesel? Seems to be made in Uk. Found here in ebay but just reference to fit hilux.

    thanks for any help you can give me,
    Solo Diesel misfuelling protection SD2, SD7 Protect vehicle from mixing fuel in Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car, Truck Parts, Exterior | eBay!

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    No, I've never made the mistake though and my previous car was ULP. Just remember... black nozzle only.


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      Hi, thanks for your reply......... I am looking into it as someone I know let his wife drive the diesel car, she saw it low on fuel and went and fill up with petrol, drove car until car stop and fuel system and engine was damaged......bill to repair was like 16K I think for $50....peace of mind........

      or best is just dont let wife drive you