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  • G'day from Darwin

    G'day all, looking for a bit of advice and/or opinions. Picked up my Fortuner from the dealer a couple of months ago and now I'm looking to do some upgrades for the big trip around Aus. Obviously I need the basics, bull bar, winch, snorkel, lift kit etc but not too sure wether to go ARB or TJM. I have checked out both their websites as well as multiple posts on multiple forums but figured the best was here. We will be towing a camper trailer and using mostly bitumen to get around but there will be some moderate off road use as well. Any help or advice will be much appreciated and I'm sure there is a heap of other accessories that I haven't even thought of. TIA.

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    Hey Flathead, welcome along, ask yourself do you really need a winch? how often would you use it? What stuff are you going to be doing that a set of recovery tracks can't get you out of and a good shovel. it's additional weight = more fuel burned.

    If it's just in case for water crossings remember the golden rule: if it's more than a creek forget it unless absolutely necessary and you know what your doing and you have backup with you.

    I opted for the TJM T13 Bar. I chose the TJM because they don't act like a bunch of w*nkers when you go into the stores, and generally don't pressure you to spend money on their brands