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  • Hello From Queanbeyan NSW

    Brought a Tuna in December 2015 the main reason for purchase is to tow our 19ft caravan. We have travelled 36,000klm,s in it now and love it. Hauls the van around no problems at all.

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    Hi gibbsey. I take delivery of a Jayco 19ft Outback in November. Interested how your van sits on the Tuner.
    Does the rear end sag very much?
    Did you do a suspension upgrade?
    Have you fitted a load distribution hitch?
    I'll be running close to the GCM. How is your engine perform while towing?
    I have the Crusade auto.


    • gibbsey
      gibbsey commented
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      Hi mate sorry for the delay in responding to you
      Without a distribution hitch there is a slight sag.
      I don't have a suspension upgrade and with the WDH sits nice and is solid on the road no sway.
      Yes I have a WDH and use it when towing. I actually towed without it to see the difference and it does wallow a bit on the road.
      I am close to GCM as well engine performs well
      I have an auto
      Overall I am happy with the Toyota and the combination I have
      Hope this helps

      Cheers Peter

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    GX Fortuner with factory 18's.
    I have a 17ft Jayco outback pop top and aftermarket suspension, our Fortunes still sags in the rear end. But i use a LDH when on road and it brings it close to normal.
    Our Caravan is close to 2.5t and i believe it pulls well, I only travel at 90km tops country roads and 100k on highways. Mainly for safety and fuel economy.
    I also drive with the auto in select mode and only go as high as 5th, as towing in 6th (over drive) isn't good for the gear box. I have a photo on the wives phone of the sag prior to sway bars going on hitch if need?

    I hope to be moving to a set of 17' wheels with 265/70R17 which is a tire size up, as i don't believe it will affect the performance that much.

    P.S, Toyota recommend the use of a LDH when towing heavy trailers with the Fortuner. But just remember there to good to be used off road, as risk bending chassis etc. Also airbags don't transfer the weight to the front axle, they actually double the weight on the rear axle instead.


    • young_dazza
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      Have you measured the ball weight of the van? Maybe its too heavy? If so maybe you can move some of the heavier gear into the middle of the van?

    • Skardo22
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      No I haven't as yet, been meaning to buy one to double check. the rear coils aren't heavy duty and I'm now wish i had of got the HD coils for the rear. The factory coils sag heaps under load, I've seen smaller caravans, even camper trailers sag the factory springs. But I will double check my ball weight just incase. Once the LDH sway bars are on, its fine.

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    Hi Gibbsey,

    Welcome to the forum... My workplace is in Endurance Ave so might see you around the traps.

    PS - What colour have you got?
    Kind Regards,

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    • gibbsey
      gibbsey commented
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      Mine is white with alloy front B/Bar