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Not many Fortuners?

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  • Not many Fortuners?

    Hey all, i was heistant when i picked mine up.. couldnt afford a prado or everest. People dont seem to like the look? I think they look good and are very practical. Dont see many on the road

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    Hey Gordo, to be honest in the past 6 months i've seen more on more on the road here in W.A. they aren't as popular as the Mitsoshi*ty but much more capable off-road


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      I'm seeing more Fortuners here in Sydney NSW too. Mostly white, blue & silver, but once I saw a dark red maroon like color.


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        Likewise in Sydney also


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          More and more now, however dwarfed by the MU-X brigade.
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            Not too many around where i live , but there are loads of Hiluxes so support for the 4T will be around for a long time yet.
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              Seeing a few getting around far eastern Vic.
              I'd never heard of them when I was looking, was only by chance that we saw a fortuner in the showroom when looking at prados/cruisers and I asked if that was the 4 Runner we're getting in Australia instead of the US body. Had a new 4 runner hire car in the US last year and it was pretty good, although gas not diesel.

              I've had at least 4 blokes ask me what model Toyota is that - not a lot of people have seen or heard of the Fortuner as there simply hasnt been any advertising, unless you count crap comparison opinion pieces in magazines. We'd already tested 3 other vehicles and only because we weren't impressed with any of them compared to our existing Pajero that we hadn't already purchased soemthing else.
              The other factor that had us on the fence was the interior: clashing brown leather withh grey/black trim and the stupid fold up 3rd row seats.


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                The most Fortuners I've ever seen were in the NT. One of the 4wd touring companies, SEIT, had them as part of their fleet and there were plenty of others at Yulara and Alice Springs. Still don't see too many around VIC though. We did a private 4wd track at the Flinders Ranges in SA and they'd never heard of a Fortuner. I had to convince them it had low range and would handle it as well if not better than a Prado.