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    I'm in the process (a long one for me) of replacing my 2009 Pajero with a new, or near new 4x4 and have added the Fortuner to the list after seeing a white GX with the poverty pack wheels - I am a sucker for poverty pack steel wheels and plain Jane 4x4's.
    The short list was down to a Triton or Navara ute and then I saw the Fortuner while looking at a Hilux.
    I've also read a few reviews now and I like the way the off-road abilities of the Fortuner read and I also like that, unlike everything else on my list, not everyone has one.
    I lean towards the Triton for the Super Select 2 driveline that I've found to be great on the Pajero and towards the Navara for it's boxy looks and SL poverty pack wheels.

    Anyway, will be trolling around the forum searching out potential problems and high points in other owners experiences with the Fortuner.
    Real world fuel use and servicing costs are welcome as well.


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    Hi David, welcome to the forum!

    I had a 2009 D22 with all the fruit but whilst happy with the final look could never lose that agricultural feel.

    Thought about the newer Navara but decided to jump ship from dual cabs, which included the Hilux obviously.

    Test drove the Pajero Sport, the Isuzu MUX and Holden Trailblazer but all in poverty spec missed out on rear diff (except the Fortuner).

    Main reason I went with the Fortuner in GX (Pov Spec) over others was a few standard reasons, but the following article swayed me well and truely -

    Look forward to reading about your deliberations further
    Kind Regards,

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      my 2c- Ive had a couple of Pajero / Delicas over the years and they were all very good cars . my current Tuna was also my very first new car purchase after 35+ years of second hand cars so i thought very long and hard about it. I compared everything out there , and more than once , i wanted to make the best choice for my money. I picked the Tuna as it was better than all the others off road and the parts / servicing / accessories / aftermarket support situation was the best out there. 12 months on i havent regretted it , the only fault i have is with the DPF but that will be ripped out when warranty expires. My other half bought a MQ Triton at the same time and it is also a very good car and for the low price was a bargain.
      2016 GX , in White


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        Here are my thoughts ... we bought our GXL in July. It suited what we were looking for doing some remote camping and driving and we wanted to do it in something that was basic but mechanically very good and good off road.

        Drove a Prado, a second hand Pajero, a Pajero Sport, a Ford Everest but didn't really like any of them. I instantly liked the Fortuner as soon I got in the driver's seat. Its handling immediately suited me and the more I read about it, the more I liked it – even the negative stuff because those criticisms just confirmed the things I liked about it. Like Deeds said, Robert Pepper's review too.

        My wife instantly really liked it when she drove it and that was important for sharing the driving.

        Fuel consumption was up when I first drove it but now it is about 8-9 on long trips and maybe 10-11 or 12 in rare city driving depending where we are going and the time of day. I liked the look of it but the other thing that sold me was this forum which has been great. The Forty is not perfect but I enjoy it every time I get in it – it's almost like having my first car all over again except it doesn't break down in the middle of nowhere ...yet. Hope that helps making a decision.


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          Originally posted by artie22 View Post
          even the negative stuff because those criticisms just confirmed the things I liked about it.
          Cheers, that's what I like to hear.

          One of the main things I want in my next 4x4 is genuine 4x4 ability without resorting heavily to the after-market and if it doesn't handle like a HSV, corner like an EVO or glide over the rough stuff like a limo, that's ok. Robert Pepper's article on Practical Motoring is a great read - I like how thorough and detailed his stuff is.


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            August 2016 GX Auto here. 98,000 kms on and 0 problems whatsoever. I do about 300+ kms a day on both sealed and unsealed roads. The 1GD-FTV normally starts running at 04:30 hours and runs continously non-stop to charge Batteries, run Computer Equipment/Surveying Equipment to about 1930-2030 hours, 6 days a week. The car is loaded with 250 kgs of Surveying equipment for the Mining Industry. After nearly 13 months of ownership, I have zeroed in the actual Mileage and that is 7.8 liters per 100. The DPF that some people have issues with, never gave us any grief. I barely notice it. There was one time at the Sydney International Airport where the car was parked for 7 days and the exhaust blew white smoke from the lights, that was all. But that is a normal behaviour for DPF regen that is not on the optimal exhaust temp. But as soon as we hit the M5, it was gone and back to normal motoring.

            Our bone stock GX auto has never been stuck in mud, sand, or any terrain that we went to. Some Prados got bogged but the Tuna is light enough to bounce of most obstacles. I've only ever used the Diff Lock a couple of times just to try it out, but never really needed it. This is probably the most underrated 4x4 in our time. The rear disc brakes don't overheat. Our previous Hilux 4x4 had 600,000 kms in it but the rear Drum brakes overheated most of the time when we did sustained downhill runs carrying equipment.

            The car is muddy, grunty, dusty, dirty but so far the only items that I have replaced were 4 tyres. That's it! the 1GD-FTV has enough power in Normal and Power Mode, the ECO mode is pretty hopeless, but in any situation, it can handle Heavy Duty stuff. I do have one complaint about the 4 tuner and it's the measly 80 liter tank. I wish we can get a long range tank that can take it to 150 liters, our local Diesel Supplier already knows me like his cousin.

            If you intend to use the Fortuner for Light Duty stuff, like grocery shopping and stop and go traffic, and the once a month freeway trip, Think Twice. Get a petrol Hilux or Petrol Prado. But if you use your 4x4 for grubby, grunty stuff, get the Fortuner Diesel.
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