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Pilbaratuna has finally arrived!

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  • Pilbaratuna has finally arrived!

    Hey all,
    Firstly I just want to say thanks to you all. Great forum here and the content really helped me decide to buy the Tuna over a variety of other options.
    The car arrived yesterday after spending some time collecting accessories in Perth before final delivery into the sunny Pilbara. So far very happy with it and looking forward to many future adventures. Will add a few more things along the way but as it sits in the driveway right now it's pretty well ready to go.
    The upgrades so far:
    - Demo 2016 Crusade model Fortuna in Graphite
    - TJM T13 outback steel bar (waited 3 weeks for an ARB Summit that never arrived so chose this instead). Looks fantastic by the way and should be considered
    - Stedi 8.5" LED spotlights
    - Milford cargo barrier
    - OME lift kit
    - Airbagman airbags in the rear (tow a 2T camper with 200+kg ball weight)
    - Hayman Reece tow bar
    - Weathershields and bonnet protectors
    - BFG AT KO2 tyres
    - Rubber Boot and floormat set
    - GME 2 way radio
    - Tow Pro Elite brake controller
    - Upgraded rear cig lighter socket wiring and swapped the fitting to Anderson plug type
    - Swapped the battery over to Optima red top gel type (I had a new one in my old car I swapped over).

    Heading out for our first run towing on the Queens birthday long weekend when we head to Coral Bay for a few days. Will have the chance to do some good off-road and beach driving while there. Looking forward to using it for what it's designed for.
    Have fun people!

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    Wow that sounds like a great setup. Nothing else tp do! Enjoy your new tuna!


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      What size BFG's did you get and do you have any photos? Because I'm toying up with either 265/65R18 or staying standard size.
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        Hey Skardo22. We went with the standard size. I think that's 265/60 R18 from memory. They look great. Heaps of clearance without going bigger and confusing the electronics etc. I have some photos but when I try and upload them it says they are too big?🤔 Not sure what I need to do there. If someone can coach me through it I will throw a heap up.


        • Skardo22
          Skardo22 commented
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          cool would be appreciated, I'm no guru at up loading but you may need to resize the images. I normally crop the back ground out. but again i normally get the wife to help me.

        • tekka maki
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          I think the photos need to be less than 800 kilobytes each. If you're on Windows, you can right click on your photo file in Windows Explorer and select Open with, then choose Paint. Once the photo is open in Paint, select the Resize option under the Home menu. After selecting it, make sure 'Maintain aspect ratio' is checked and 'Percentage' is selected. Reducing the horizontal to 50% will usually do the trick. Do so, then hit the OK button. You now have a resized image... just have to save it. Select the File menu, followed by Save as, then select JPEG picture. Now just provide a new name for your reduced size image. By default it will save to the same directory that your original file is in.

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        Hey all. Thanks for the tips. But I am using a phone or IPad. Any tips on how to upload on those platforms?🤔