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  • Looking 4 upgrades

    Hello everyone, im new on the forum and im still not sure how it works haha, but anyway, im from panama and i’ve got the all new fortuner 3.0 turbo-diesel, i still have it stock and has been really good on the mud, its excellent on the trails
    but now im looking for some upgrades such as suspension, rack, bumper and tires.. so i need some advices of you guys so I can buy the best ones.. im also looking for upgrades in the engine such as an exhaust and air intake in order to improve torke and hp, please recomend me wich one should I get and any others upgrades to improve this, Im kinda new at this so i need some help .. i was also wondering, i saw that TRD was making this exhaust and intake for te 4runner in the usa, but im looking for this for the fortuner diesel, may be in australia they have it.. its very hard to find nice upgrades in panama so i wanna buy them online
    PD; sorry for my english