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Hiya all.

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  • Hiya all.

    8 weeks on and the Fortuna has clocked 12000kms.
    Foxy Fortuna :-) has a Toyota factory bull bar however am having trouble finding decent spot/spreader lights to suit.
    Is anyone able to provide advice, ARB state the bar is to narrow for the Intensity lights and tpj (or whatever) are sort of in the same boat. Olive on a property so need to see the big jumpy things before they hit the car.

    thanks all!!

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    I bought a GXL and had the satnav installed. If anyone has a GL looking for a cheap GXL display. Let me know!


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      Welcome trump, 12000 in 8 weeks? Wow lol
      have a look here for some good quality lights, take some measurements of your bar and have a look through there range. I have the intensity lights on mine and am quite disappointed, overpriced junk.
      my stedi bar on previous car blew the arb crap away and for a lot less coin.