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  • G'day from Melbourne

    I didn't see it posted for some time so repeated the post.
    Can't see a delete option.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for adding me.

    I'm a prospective Fortuner owner doing my research.

    Just back from Vietnam where in the cities they outnumber other 4WDs by about 10 to 1. Toyota did their marketing well (or did they do their politics well?).

    So I've read all the reviews and started reading about your experiences here.

    The reason is that my current wagon has developed a couple of body cracks so I'll be jumping ship when that's sorted out.

    I'd be grateful if members here with high mileage units that've been well used off road or over outback corro might check for cracks in the engine bay. I've seen a long thread somewhere about Prados and cracks but it was unclear whether they were body cracks or weld failures in the frame or attachments to it.

    Is the front end of the Fortuner identical or very similar to the HiLux, such that a search on Lux body cracks would be useful?

    Thanks in advance.

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