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  • New owner on a Grey Crusade

    Hi All,

    I'm Paul and about 4 weeks ago I purchased my Fortuner Crusade 2016 in the Graphite. I've upgrade from a 2009 Nissan Xtrail which just wasn't cutting the mustard off road or in the towing capacity. My family is growing and I'm looking to spend plenty of time off road. After months of research I finally settled on the Tuner and I couldn't be happier so far. Love the looks, can work around the performance and I'm sure its way more capable than me off road!

    List of Mods so far:

    1. Paint Protection - When I bought the car it was a Toyota Corporate car, low KMs and a good price. But the paint really needed some work to bring it back and even better than factory. I had a full detail done with an Always Dry 9H-LDC Extreme ceramic coating. It was pricey but water and dirt and grim just fly off it and it looks super shiny and is well protected against minor scratches.

    2. Roof Rails - I have had the standard rails removed and Rhino Vortex RLT track mount rails fitted. At the moment I just two arms with a small Rola cage on top, but intend to run 4 with a platform later.

    3. Tyres - Have done away with the stockies and gone for BFG K02's. Standard size.

    4. Rear Drawers - I spared no expense here, storage and camping options were high on my list, being a "life of the car" mod. I have the two drawer setup, pull out camp kitchen, table, integrated 35L watertank and cargo carrier.

    5. Bits - Adding minor bits and pieces: Kings 2.5/3m awning, rear seat protectors to stop the kids kicking the seats.

    Bull Bar with winch, spots
    under body protection
    upgraded Suspension
    Dual Battery system
    Rear Bar wheel/Jerry holder
    Long range tank
    Fitted UHF

    That's probably enough rambling, but I love this thing! can't wait to be away in it more! Great forum have been sniffing around here for ages before posting haha

    Paul W

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    Looks awesome!
    Some pics of the rear setup (Drifta?) would be great when you get a chance



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      Thanks DaveC. I will get some pics uploaded of the back shortly


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        Welcome Paul, nice to see a few more Fortuners around Melbourne!


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          nice. i was looking at the drift setup swell but i think i can do it myself for a lot cheaper as I'm planning on having 2 drawer fridges instead of normal drawers anyway and i think the 35L water is to small so I'm looking at making one around 80L that will sit underneath the whole show to bring the fridges up over the lip on the back


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            do you have the pull out kitchen separately on top of the drawers or is it one of the drawers? also could you get some photos of the teflon slides for the table please? thanks


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              Thanks kzen

              borgna I also considered building myself, however now that I have the drawers they are really well built and thought out, with enough time effort and planning I could of got close... just not close enough, the tolerances in the squared cuts to get the drawers to perfectly fit in the boxes take skill and very accurate equipment... which I don't have much of either.
              As for the water tank it isn't huge but I'm only using it for drinking water only. I also take plastic Jerry can's or collapsible's as I can usually always find a water source near by for washing up and bathing. 35L I figure will do 2 adults around 10 days comfortably or 15 at a stretch, which is plenty for me. I also consider the weight implication, I'll feel comfortable carry 35 kgs of water with all my camping gear no worries, 80kgs? possibly not.

              I'll take some good shots of all the drawer system and post up over the weekend



              • GreyWoodTuner
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                Sorry forgot to mention, I have the kitchen within the drawers. You will see when I post the pics

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              No decent photos yet. But installed a light bar into the tailgate over the weekend. Really needed more light over the drawers etc when working at night.


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                looks like plenty of light there mate


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                  Very cool, ominous tail gate vid!

                  Kind Regards,

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                  nice set up mate, welcome to the forum!


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                    hey mate I'm interested in making a slide out table for in the back of my car. I was wondering how do they have theirs slide in and out? Does it just slide in and out on carpet or do they use their teflon slides and also are there any clips etc?


                    • GreyWoodTuner
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                      Hey Borgna sorry totally missed this message! All of the friction points in the drifta setup are Teflon. Everything fits perfectly and slides well. Even when the drawers are full of heavy tools etc, silky smooth. The construction of the boxes are made using quite tight tolerances with accurate machines. Expensive, but worth it imo. will be in the car for the life of the vehicle I hope.

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                    Hi Borgna, 4WD super centre sell fridge slides with slide out tables set underneath them. I built my own system from scratch last year and used draw sliders from bunnings.
                    See attached photos. I have set it up so its easy to remove if needed. The table can stay out even when I slide fridge out. works well but can be improved


                    • borgna
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                      looks good mate but i have 2 drawer fridges instead and I'm planning on putting my redarc remote monitor and a switch panel on top of the left fridge and on top of the right fridge i am thinking on a slide out table and i really like drifta's concept with no rollers so less things to go wrong so I'm curious on what they use for their tables wether they use their teflon slides or if it just slides on some carpet or got any clips etc

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                    A small update to mods and a shot from the Snow!
                    - Underbody protection Brown Davis
                    - Ironman recovery points
                    - Rhino platform
                    - TJM snorkel

                    And went to the 4x4 show and got a bit spendy... these bits soon to be added
                    - Dobinson MRR all round
                    - BCDC Projecta 25am
                    - Second battery tray Grunt
                    - Oricom UHF


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                      Looks awesome!


                      • GreyWoodTuner
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                        Thanks Dave, I'm happy with how its coming along