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    Hey everyone!

    I recently picked up a GXL with the tech upgrade. Car goes well, cant wait to take it on a camping trip.

    A few odd things I noticed coming from a Euro car:

    The fuel range is sitting at 650 km max, and when the car tells me its empty it still has 15 liters in it. My brother has the same issue with a 2016 Hilux in Germany and his Automobile Club ADAC has told him Toyota has to fix it, but after taking the fuel tank out they weren't able to resolve the problem. Their take on it is that a 40000 Euro car needs to perform as other cars in the price segment.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue and brought it up with Toyota?

    The Sat Nav and infotainment is probably the most dreadful one in any new car. My Amaroks Apple Car play system is much much better.

    Other than that, great car. Looking into fitting a Snorkel and potentially a bull bar and then take it around the country.

    I was after a solid offroader with some comfort and I believe the Fortuner cant be beaten in this segment.

    Thank you


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    Hi Chrissey

    When you get the chance to browse the Forum you'll see lots of good info, thoughts & comments about, fuel consumption, distance to empty, bull bars, suspension upgrades, long range auxiliary fuel tanks, snorkels, camping, towing & basically anything else you can think of.

    Quite a few people are mechanics / technicians, & or have a very good understanding of Fortuners & cars in general. Enjoy...


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      Hi Anthony, thanks a lot I sure will have a good browse and see what modifications others have come up with.


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        Your fuel range is calculated on the average fuel consumption of vehicle. Plus there is a safety margin and empty really isn’t empty. But actual fuel range will vary dependant on driving conditions.
        also to note is fuel tanks are designed to not fill more than 95% of its rating could even be less. Take into consideration of expansion / contraction of fuels with ambient temps.
        hope this helps, an engineer who gets all the math stuff will probably explain it better.


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          I went on a camping trip on the weekend and my driving range hit 0 and then it just said "Driving range: Refuel" I refuelled at the servo and it put in 65L and thats after letting it click 3 times to fill right up


          • Chrissey
            Chrissey commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks borgna, in other words there is a reserve after the reserve and the range is calculated based on 65 litres?

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          well mate that was my latest experience. i would advise you to maybe fuel up when yours says there less then 50km to empty and just take note of how many litres you put in to fill up. Ive heard of other people having the same experience as me that i said above