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  • Newbie in Melbourne


    Just signed up and thought id introduce myself. Sam, based in Melbourne these days originally from the UK.

    Picked up my 2017 GXL at the beginning of November from Blood Toyota and very happy with it so far.

    Picked it up with the following additions from the showroom

    -Rubber mat set including Cargo Mat
    -Clear Bonnet and Headlamp Protectors
    -Towbar kit
    -Sat Nav (Not requested but got delivered with anyways)
    -Colour Coded ARB Summit Bar
    -Toyota Roof Rails

    Looking forward to getting it set up for some camping and road trips, so far I've done the following

    -Rhino Rack Pioneer Tradie
    -Removed 2 rear seats

    Friday I'm having my Dual Battery setup installed, decided to for a charger with additional sockets in the front and back as well as a battery link,

    I'm trying to figure out which snorkel to go for next but still can't decide tbh.

    Look forward to getting plenty of advice from you guys and hopefully, I'll be able to share some too

    The obligatory picture below!

    Thanks Sam

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    Welcome aboard Sam, nice upgrades👍
    Suspension upgrade is worth it if you are going to load it up or tow. If keeping the weight off it standard suspension works well.


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      Enjoy the forum. Lots of ideas & topics to view, plus several members are mechanically minded & can help with tips & tricks.


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        Thanks, Spook1205, I rarely Tow, occasionally for work purposes. I will likely be upgrading the suspension once I've done a few other bits and pieces. Tyres will also be on the list once these have been worn down a bit.

        Thanks Anthony


        • Spook1205
          Spook1205 commented
          Editing a comment
          From personal experience and others on here have had similar experiences is that if not loading up the suspension keep the spring rating low. Otherwise it sits very high and ride is harsh.
          E.g is if you get constant 200kg 50mm lift springs it is designed to sit 50mm higher with 200 kg extra on the suspension. Take away the 200kg and it’s not comfortable anymore.
          Others like it so comes down to personal preference on how you like the ride.
          There are comprises when lifting because it does affect other aspects of the vehicle, these may or may not be a problem and there is work arounds to overcome these. But that is a whole different bucket of information 🙂