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    Hi all, time to say hello. I bought my qx 1.5years just about to turn over 60,000klm. Loving the car, motor freed up after 20thou. Still on original tyre's, just. No issues really, only the white smoke from burn off, drivers seat wiggles it way back down from high position. Running 28psi to help comfort. I looked at the cruiser, had a Prado, both great, but wanted something more agile, something to throw around the corners a little easier. Just say I like wearing blunstone boots daily rather than gumboots... Will keep it for four years then go again. Maybe another if a deceant update happens. Finding power and auto and brakes all excellent.
    Will keep you posted with higher than usual mileage. But we all know not to expect too many issues from the big T.

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    just about to clock over the 90k and be out of warranty no issues either.
    Enjoy the forum mate