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  • New tuna owner from Perth

    Hi all,

    Brought a 2015 Fortuner Crusade late last year after owning a Prado GXL (unfortunately was written off after being t-boned which resulted in the Prado being rolled). It came down to either the Isuzu MU-X or the Fortuner but just couldn't go past the drive difference, I felt the Isuzu still felt you were driving a work ute and of course owning a Toyota in general. There are a couple of things I had to compromise, these are the third row of seats which I will be removing anyway and have recently realised when folding up the seats in the second row they don't seem to secure when folded forward, they just rock about which I used an ockie strap to temporarily fix that issue. Other than that, I am enjoying the Fortuner and looking forward to giving it a decent test off-road.

    Great forum with plenty advice, if anyone in Perth can recommend a place for Rhino Racks that would be appreciated. Also in the market for a good solar power setup and a portable hot water system (Joolca is my preferred system at the moment), if anyone has any advice that would appreciated.



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    Try removing the second row head rests then rolling the seats down. You can also try moving the front seats up a notch or two, then rolling the 2nd row seats forward. You'll sort it out.

    Enjoy the forum.


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      Second row of seats have a strap tucked away on back of seat. Just need to pull it out and use it to secure seat.