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Have I come to the right forum?

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  • Have I come to the right forum?

    This is a forum about fishing isn't it?

    Okay - bad dad joke.

    I've just purchased a Dec 2017 plated GXL from Torque Toyota in Strathpine (QLD). Got a good special as it was a demonstrator. We've bought it after I ditched my 2013 Navara - timing chain problems (plus a few others) and I can't afford to have a vehicle that's anything less than reliable...hence doing what I should have done in the first place - bought a Tojo. We're grey and have nomadic tendencies, so we're prepping for the future. The new 16' Kedron van arrives in May 18 and we're going to start doing some trips as work allows...the Keddie towed behind a Fortuner and the open road in front of us.

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    Welcome along. You'll find lots of good information here. 🙂
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      welcome to the club. Navaras are famous for timing chain issues , yet as usual Nissan bury thier heads in the sand , like Ford and others. The tuna is a very capable tourer , plenty of aftermarket bits available , and Toyota have the best dealer network of all. so even if some issues develop at least you can get some assistance.
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