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  • I’m ~Rich~

    Hi all.
    On my 7th 4wd and a Fortuner.
    Previously had a 79 Hilux, 83 Hilux, 79 2 door Range Rover,
    93 80 series Landcruiser, 2000 100 series Landcruiser.
    Just sold 05 L/R Discovery 3, awesome vehicle!

    Bought my Tuner from a guy in Canberra with everything on it except a few things.

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    Welcome along mate, make sure you join the facebook groups too


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      How's the Fortuner going compared to your last vehicle? I'm keen to hear your thoughts as it looks like I'm about to make the same jump. I'm fairly certain I've built some rear drawers from plans you and another guy posted on a different forum
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        Yep I'm from the AULRO forum, had a D3 for 7yrs. I've got to admit I miss it alot!
        The most comfortable, quiet, effortless performance from the TDV6, and still awesome off road.

        Yes those are my plans on the Forum, you can see them in the second photo!

        You can't compare a near $100,000k car to a 56,000k car.
        But it sure won't cost me as much to keep the Fortuner on the road!

        Still sorting out the suspension on the Tuna.


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          Still got my D3, and its been great, but I'm now looking to move on. Agreed you can't compare them, but they're aimed at different markets.

          The drawers look good, did they fit without modification? I've measured up the Fortuner and I think my drawers will fit?

          Please post your experiences with the suspension as you make progress. Keen to see what you think after what we've been used to


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            Yes only minor modifications to make it fit properly, just to the infills cutting them to the curve rather than the angles the D3 had.
            Even used the top hinged ones again with some additional cuts around the wheel arch linings.

            No news on the suspension yet.


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              Lovell’s was good enough to supply another set of rear springs that are made for overseas markets. 16mm diameter compared to 18mm, free length is 30mm longer than the heavier set but settles back to the same 50mmlift over standard.
              Much better ride, the back doesn’t jiggle over minor bumps as it did before.
              I may try different rear shocks to further improve the ride.


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                7th? I envy you. You were able to drive way more stuff than I did. Anyhow, welcome to the forum!