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Toyota anchor bolts for removed 3rd seat brakets

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  • Toyota anchor bolts for removed 3rd seat brakets

    Hi everyone,
    Ive completed the dreaded process of removing the 3rd row of seats
    I'm installing a set of drawers. I see the bolt holes that the seats clamped into the floor. I removed the brakets on the floor, exposing 8 bolt holes.
    I can not reuse the bolts as they are short, approx 20mm

    Now Toyota has their own thread size... grrrrr

    Does anyone know where to get 50mm bolts so I can use the bolt holes? Retailers don't sell them (Repco and Supercheap, even tried bunnings lol)


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    If your in Newcastle try High Tensile at Carrington... If not look for a fixing/fastening specialist


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      IIRC, they are "metric fine", M10 from memory. Not too hard to find at a speciality fasteners place, and I had a feeling I've seen metric fine at bunnings too but maybe not in that size.
      Metric fine seems very common in cars, particularly for seatbelt anchors etc.



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        Don't know if there's one near you, but Coventry Fasteners is place you can try. Also try Mitre 10 stores. I've found that products not available at Bunnings, are sometimes at Mitre 10.


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          many car makers use Metric fine for seatbelts , its there to reduce the chances of people using standard bolts where hi tensile is required. Try a wrecking yard i'm sure some cars that use spacers under the seat belt mounts will have longer bolts
          2016 GX , in White


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            My mate at Mitsubishi hooked me up, cheers guys!


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              I just checked the third row seat anchor bolt size and thread and its definitely M10 1.25 - ordered some bolt on ebay.... not in a hurry myself...


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                Did you get the bolts? I'm doing the same, gonna remove the 2 seats strapped to the side and make draws to anchor on the bolt holes