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  • Loading a sea kayak

    Hi there,
    looking at vehicles including the Fortunner- noticed that it might be hard to load sea kayaks onto the fortunner with the rear spoiler type attachment. Normally put a pad on the window/ roof and slide the yak up to the roof rack.
    Has anyone had any experience with loading plastic sea kayaks onto the fortunner by themselves.
    Thanks, Sam

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    I paddle as well, but I use fiber glass & carbon kayaks. So alot less weight lifting on. There are rack systems that can unlock and slide off, to make it easier to load it sea kayak. My dad has one on top of his mobile home, their up the cape at the moment. But I could find out if ur interested.


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      Hi samp,
      Sorry for the late reply to your post.
      My wife and I kayak a fair bit: I have RhinoRack bars (on the GX) and use the universal side loader and I can get our 4.5m sea kayaks on by myself. No trouble (and I'm 60). We used to have a '95 Patrol and loaded on over the back - this is much easier.


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        I am traveling freak and love to explore new places so loading sea kayaks on top of my fortunner is a really difficult job for me. But I find some solutions for that installed bars on the rooftop to tie up the kayaks after being properly fixed in rack from all sides. Cover it with plastic sheet save from direct sunlight and rain.


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          Installing a roof rack will help a lot. You can also use it for surfboards as well.


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            Will installing a bed extender helps?